Thursday, July 14, 2011

The old is new...

This post is all about recycling.

There are two things I want to say about recycling. The first is just a bit of "housekeeping," so bear with me please.

Part I

I have to razz the teachers out there just a little bit. It has been my experience that teachers waste more paper than any other people I know. I do know a few teachers that use recycling bins, but only a few.


Even the podunk town I live in has a recycling center, so there is probably one near you too. It is so easy to have a seperate waste bin for paper that you can take once a week or so to the recycling center. Heck, a lot of those centers have people that will come collect it- ZERO WORK.

Sometimes it seems to me that one person recycling does very little for the environment. But I've found that if you are willing to do that little extra, you will influence others around you, and "voila!" we're saving the planet.

Part II

This part is much more fun! I have been finding fun projects all over the internet that involve "repurposing" items. I know teachers are no strangers to "repurposing," but here are a few ideas anyway.

Do you throw away cans after you've eaten the veggies/soups/etc? NEVER! They can be cleaned up, decorated, and used to hold a myriad of things from pencils to rulers, and so on.

Have an old "Lazy Susan" laying around the house (pun intended)? Turn it into a spinner for center activities (or a number of other things).

Have any old pieces of wood lying around? Turn it into an adorable sign for your reading center.

Old  cookie sheets, plastic easter eggs, legos, CandyLand, and nuts and bolts are turned into word work activities.

Turn that old dish rack into a holder for books and pencils.

There are so so many fun ways to re-use items from around the house. It saves money, too! Try it sometime. :)


  1. Loving these ideas! and I am so with you on the paper wasting.. even though there is a recycling bin in the lounge there always seemed to be paper ending up in the normal trash can...

  2. Stef- The best part of your job is the influence you have on your babies. Teaching them to recycle and challenging them to do it at home... make it a fun activity... have them take pictures of their 'recycling' at home... find a fun reward for it. I was HORRID at it when I taught... I would keep things with the good intention of reusing them... and then they would just be shoved in a cabinet and never used!! So my challenge to you... don't be a lazy teacher... USE THAT STUFF... or get rid of it! I can't wait to see your repurchased stuff in your classroom!

  3. I just found your blog and am super excited for you! I am going into my 5th year this year- crazy how fast it goes. Have so much fun your first year. Dont go in every weekend or stay late every night! I have TONS of amazing websites if you are ever interested in to help with teaching ideas! is really good for ideas for cheap or free. Let me know if you want others! Congratulations ;)