Monday, July 4, 2011

Getting Started...

For the last two weeks I've been trying to make sure that I'm ready for the upcoming school year- my first as a teacher. But where to start?...

I've found that a good place to start when preparing for your first year of teaching is the World Wide Web.  I advise you to write down the good ideas you find so that you don't have to find them again.  I have found the following list of websites and blogs to be very helpful, so I want to share them with you.

WARNING: There are so many great ideas floating around cyber space that it may add to your overwhelming sense of un-readiness. USE CAUTION.

Teacher Tipster Mr. Smith is a 1st grade teacher and he has wonderfully fun ideas. I used many of his tips while both student teaching and substitute teaching. I highly recommend watching his videos.

The Cornerstone There is so much information on this site, it's like first-year-teacher-Heaven. Heck, a 30-year teaching veteran would probably find this site valuable. But pace yourselves. This site can overwhelm you.

Mrs. Smith's Blog Be sure to visit her Teacher Resources page- she has a ton of good stuff.

Mrs. Meacham's Blog Another blog with lots of resources.

First Grader At Last This is one of my favorite teacher blogs. Be sure to visit!

Seussville Enough cannot be said of Dr. Seuss...

Starfall Filled with fun activities for kids.

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  1. hey you have a blog too! Girl I have a TON of 1st grade blogs bookmarked that pump out ideas on every post. is one of my favorites!

    I also have First Grader at Last saved too! I saved a lot of stuff that I have found online to my blog so I don't ever lost it. and are my favorite forum sites for ideas. Plus a lot of the people there are super nice and don't mind stupid questions (learned that from experience!)